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Located in the most picturesque area of Rajasthan,on the edge of Aravalli Hills, alongside the Kumbhalgarh National Park is Ghanerao Jungle Lodge, earlier known as Bagha Ka bagh (the tigers garden).

A old Manor styled stone building which was earlier used as the family getaway and Shikar Ghar has been recently opened with 7 luxurious theme based rooms. Using only local skilled workers and in this case the Garacia tribals ,to give them employment and to exchange old thought,ideas and skills .the result is worth seeing.

The surrounding land has also been cultivated for Organic farming under the guidance of Vandana Shiva's Navdanya . A project has been initiated to involve the tribal participation and to reintroduce age old concept of organic farming, the produce to be used for the hotel. A Organic Seed Bank has been started to conserve the local seeds, the guests can also participate in seed-collecting and farming if they wish to .

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Adjoining is the 10th Century Muchala Mahavir Jain Temple and the Garacia tribal holdings .Twenty minute trek is a crocodile dam where one can spot the oldest crocodile Bhima who will even pose for you ,if in mood . The magnificent and the only unconquered Kumbhalgarh Fort is a 15km trek amidst the lush green forest, a sumptuous lunch/tea can be organised enroute or at fort. The World famous Ranakpur Temples, the 17th Jain Temples are just 15 km away, its ones prerogative whether one wants to trek or choose jeep or horse safari.

Paradise for Bird watchers and the Animals spotted in the Kumhalgarh National Park are sloth bear, leopards, sambhar, wild boar, Jungle cat, and it's the where four horned deer and wolves can also be seen.

An ideal getaway from the hustle and bustle of the cities to enjoy the nature in its full glory, a place to meditate and reflect, while sitting around the camp fire under the most spectacular canopy of star lit night. one finally understands and values ones earth and life.